We are pleased to welcome Jeffrey Terreson at Oak & Oil.

Jeffrey Terreson was raised in Bedford, NY, where his natural artistic talent was recognized at a young age. He earned a merit scholarship to the Columbus College of Art and Design, where he received his BFA in 1976 at the top of his class. After apprenticing with artists Robert Hendel and Mark English, During this time, his art was purchased by Fortune 500 companies including Mobil, IBM and NBC, as well as the United Nations.

In pursuit of his own voice he absorbed the art and ideals of some of the 20th centuries most ground breaking post-war artists such as Jasper Johns, Joan Snyder, Mark Rothko, Larry Poons, Julian Schabel, Gerhard Richter and Pat Steers.

The process is exciting and dramatic and has added a level of improvisation to Jeffery Terreson’s art. Pure color hues mingle with texture as the artist spontaneously molds and sculpts the surface of the canvas with his dynamic energetic gesture. Terreson’s moody surfaces explore and evoke landscape, still life and figural forms as thematic associations within a sophisticated play of color and light.

Terreson received the National Award of Excellence from The American Juried Art Salon.
in 2013 Terreson’s work could be seen in ARTFORUM as well as ARTnews no less then 4 times
A rising talent in the art world Terreson’s arrival to NYC is in the planning stages. In late 2012 Terreson’s work turned in a new direction. It is that direction that will be showcased in the autumn of 2015 in NYC.